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Taiwan TELECRANE F23-C Double-speed six-way traffic on the remote control

Taiwan TELECRANE F23-C Double-speed six-way traffic on the remote control crane remote control, crane remote control, Industrial remote control
Transmitter (durable): Size: 21.8 * 6.0 * 6.0 cm Weight: about 350 grams
* 6 Double-speed button, a power button, an emergency stop
* Low power consumption (using two AA alkaline batteries average life of up to two months)
* Operating functions can be set through the software to do  -23 (compatible with win98/ME/2000/XP)
* Operating distance up to 100 meters
* Built-in transmitter and receiver antennas are (receiver could be equipped with accessories: passive antenna)
* Can self-assembly and setting (DIY) through a new flexible design
* Multiple safety protection design hamming not repeated several 32 yuan ID
* Operating temperature range: -35 ℃ to +80 ℃
F23 software screen
F-23 Remote Control PC software can be set to a variety of key features, such as: general, Na jump on and off, inching, mutual inhibition
No mutual inhibition, accelerate delayed so many different control functions; addition there are four special mode button below the function setting,
The remote control more flexible and adapt to different types of driving or using machinery.
F-23 system is a special function settings
Dual motors: one speed when the button is pressed, a speed relay conduction; press to speed and two-speed relay conducting a speed relay
The trip.
Synthetic: When two keys pressed simultaneously, the output can be synthesized another action, without the need to increase the amplification function keys.
Three-speed acceleration: with the power button to use, can reach 3-speed output of the acceleration.
Digital Acceleration: use with the power button, you can produce a similar binary digital output function of (up to four speed) to
Digital interface control machinery and equipment, such as inverters.
F-23 design flexibility
The industrial radio remote control of contact output, users can follow the actual needs of their own planning and design. Both the total power
(MAIN), collinear (COM) or the relay's normally open / normally closed contacts are free jumper.
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