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Shearer remote control, end station dedicated remote control, remote control mining equipment


Shearer the remote end station dedicated remote control, mining equipment remote control eight o'clock Single-speed wireless remote control, eight independent control points: total stop, pull the stop, pull the left and right pull, up, down, broken up, broken down.
Shearer is widely used in coal mining enterprises end wireless control station.
Frequencies: U-frequency 102,180, V Frequency: 024,066 mines and other common segment.
U-frequency remote control, stronger anti-interference function, over longer distances, which can effectively prevent mutual interference between the remote control.
Model: F21-E1B TX Transmitter Receiver: F21-E1RX 
Category: The transmitter (handheld) 
Specifications: Dimensions: 16.4x7.5x4.6 cm Weight: 380 g Description: Performance indicators 
* With eight action buttons, including eight Single-speed button, the control points of 8 
* With battery voltage warning device, in low voltage own circuit 
* Safety key switch to prevent unauthorized use 
* Internal functions by computer interface setting 
* Control distance: up to 100 meters Security Code: 4300000000 kinds of factory and never re-use temperature: -35 ℃ to +80 ℃ 
Protection: IP65 
Transmitter Power: DC 3V (two alkaline batteries can be used 4 months) 
Receiver Power: AC 36V220V/380V choose, or DC 12V, 24V, 48V. 
Standard configuration: a transmitter (with strap) 
A receiver (receiver comes with 1 m connection cable) 
Operation and Maintenance Manual 1
Note! Receiver Power customers without special instructions shall be DC12V.
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